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Life is busy—don’t let foot and ankle pain stop you in your tracks. Keep moving with exceptional and convenient podiatric care at Mark Gasparini, D.P.M. From children’s feet to the more mature, our dedicated staff looks forward to serving you and your loved ones.

Time is valuable, and so are you. That’s why we set our schedule to allow time to answer your questions thoroughly. We won’t rush you in and out, because we treat our patients like family. That’s not just talk—it’s who we are.

Convenient Services in One Location

Custom Orthotics: Your feet are unique to you—arch type, pronation, and deformities all work together to create your individual gait. When your feet need to be repositioned to improve foot health, custom orthotics may be prescribed.

Diabetic Foot Care: If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, expert foot care at regular intervals is crucial to your health. Don’t forget to examine your feet daily, and call our office if you note a concern. We offer a full range of services, including nail and callus trimming, to keep your feet healthy.

Digital X-ray:  Taking the step to better foot health shouldn’t seem like a chore. That’s why we offer in-office technology for efficient diagnoses. There’s no need to travel elsewhere for a digital X-ray; we can do that right in our office during your appointment.

Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density Testing: Patients with diabetes who are concerned about peripheral neuropathy will find peace of mind after this diagnostic biopsy.

In-office Products and On-line Store:  Once you’ve received your diagnosis, you may anticipate a trip to the drug store. However, we stock a whole line of medications that address common foot conditions such as fungal nails. Forget something? Check out our online store.

Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails: Ask us about laser therapy to end embarrassing nail fungus. These pain-free remedies are an effective and safe treatment option.

PADnet Testing:  Diagnosing peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in its early stages is critical to your health. Don’t waste time worrying—we can test for this condition in our office.

Better Foot Health Begins Today

At Mark Gasparini, D.P.M., we can make a difference in the health of your feet. With convenient in-office services, there’s no need to take another painful step. Call (519) 804-9038 today to schedule an appointment, or request a visit online. Healthy, pain-free feet are just around the corner! If you’d like more information before your first visit, check out the following list of common foot and ankle conditions.

A Resource: Common Foot Conditions


Ankle Problems:

Ankle Instability
Ankle Sprains
Arthritic Foot & Ankle Care

Children's Foot Care:




General Foot Care:

Athletes Foot

Flat Feet

Fungal Toenails

Geriatric Foot Care

Ingrown Toenails

Common Sports Injuries


Heel Pain:

Heel Spurs
Plantar Fasciitis


Achilles Tendon
Crush Injuries
Stress Fractures

Specialized Foot Care:

Diabetic Foot

Toe Problems

Black Toenails